Whatsapp is killing minds!

Whatsapp is killing minds!

A Saudi man divorced his wife after she ignored his whatsapp messages. The husband said that his wife used to spend all her time on whatsapp messaging platform. Due to the addiction, she even ignored her children. Whatsapp is not a new thing in the market. Even the people who are not educated are well aware of the messaging platform. The messaging app that started as a boon can turn into a bane, if not used carefully. It is killing mind of people. Do you agree?


• The youngsters are getting addicted to the messaging platform like other addictive substances. It is more of an addiction rather than convenience.

• People are not using the messaging platform for connecting with friends or relatives instead they just want to check out the their presence on messaging platform.

• A messaging platform connects people, but whatsapp is creating bridges between people. The app, in many cases, is creating unnecessary doubts in relationships.

• The start as well as end of the day happens with whatsapp. And, if people don’t find any messages they start feeling low.

• People are so occupied with the use of whatsapp that they are unable to differentiate between real and factual relationships. We can easily notice that while you are talking all the time to your friends on Whatsapp, you hardly have an interaction with your immediate family. This also points out the fact that while people have a lot of friends on Whatsapp network, there's hardly any friend available whom they can talk out their heart face to face.


• Whatsapp has become the largest messaging app, and it is just because it has allowed people to come closer to each other.

• There are some people who are not involved in any work, and such people are only addicted to whatsapp, not everyone.

• Whatsapp has allowed the school friends and distant relatives to come and talk at one place. It doesn’t kill mind but helps the people to cherish the old good memories and relationships.

• In a world, where people don’t have time to meet friends, whatsapp has allowed people to share their problems with friends on messaging platform regardless of time and location.

• Whatsapp is now even used by many firms and organizations for sharing of important information among employees.

• If used properly, Whatsapp can help generate new business opportunities and close the existing deals faster.


Every thing in this world has two sides, one positive and one negative. The use of Whatsapp is no different. It is not a black or white app, but a grey app whose pros and cons are decided by the user himself. The people are more isolated than before in the present world. Some make their world better by using the app, and some make themselves more isolated after using this app. In all the cases, balance is the key.
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  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Shivaji (06/19/17)
  • Whatsapp helped us to get the success in our life with our friends,Colleugus and relatives...it teaches us in a way how to maintain our relations...in a busy life we can come closer to each one...there are so many cases where after a long period of time School, college friends came in contact with the help of creating whatsapp group.. .
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Akinremi Tunde Abubakir (10/28/16)
  • Whatsapp is highly killing and resurrecting the mind and of youths especially students,it depends on how individual handles it.Whatsapp is a good app for getting immediate info.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Taruchit (08/01/16)

    “If we do the unimportant work during the suitable time, sooner we will have to do all our important work when time is unsuitable for us.”

    “Whatsapp” is one of those mobile application which has made its space and importance in every Smartphone. It has been designed to give the simple interface to the user resulting in its acceptability among the people on the planet. The fact, that a free subscription for a year is the best investment policy for its stakeholders. Since, it is free initially; it attracts the people like a powerful magnet. As the result, it causes lots of loss of precious time of people. Though, it is dependent on the user on the extent of using it, slowly it has become an essential requirement to fulfil. Around eight years ago, mobile phone were as important as “Whatsapp” today; it was assumed that everyone including vegetable seller on roads and people belonging to less income group will be having a cell phone. Now days, it is assumed that even a temporary worker in the office does have a smartphone with internet and the application. There has been tremendous loss of humanity due to such social networking applications. Earlier people used to sit together to discuss their issues, to share some experiences; people far away used to write letters which were preserved, used to call from telephone booths during the evening hours. But, nowadays, people hardly have time to look eye to eye to contact each other, all they do is send texts and wait for replies. The old practice to hear the other person’s voice over the telephone’s receiver, to sit together for an hour with loved ones, is vanishing like the tigers from our nation. The reason is the parents and their kids are getting too busy over their phones and chat messages that they have forgot about the importance of their devotion towards each other. It is been observed that, students complain about the assignments and heavy loads of submission leads to loss of marks and sleep; but they neglect the fact that the time they spend over their chat messages could also be better utilized. Students often take reading and replying messages more important than their studies, assignments and lectures. To counter complains about their wrong time management, students have started using “Whatsapp” as the medium to share assignments and experiments and other related stuff. But, still it does not help in preventing time loss.

    Since, many people have started discussing all sorts of issues on their chat messages; their ability to talk face to face has lost. People tend to prefer to use text messages then one to one meeting to talk over sensitive issues. People are more confident in questioning, replying the messages rather than directly saying them and it is a vital matter of concern. Moreover, the different style of language practiced over “Whatsapp” by most of the people, has tremendously affected the grammatical skills of many students. Parents and teachers find it tough to understand the reasons of the mistakes made by students in constructing simple sentences. These effects cannot be blamed directly on “Whatsapp”, but it’s over utilization has caused several in-repairable damages.

    “Whatsapp” has its own set of advantages which cannot be neglected, but accessing it for free is causing social threat to the society.

    “Cost free utilization gets a person freedom to use things for leisure, but does not leave him free to complete the things which are mandatory.”
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Jamale Prashant (09/30/15)
  • As per my point of view.
    whats app doesn't killing mind.
    because now a day the people have no time to meet with friend and relative for the sharing of the Problem but with help of the what app people share the problem with friend , memories& relative on the massaging platform l.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -atanu dey (09/28/15)
  • yes if u see practically its hampering us,especially our teenagers r largely effected by this.....we can say its all about control and all but we also have to think we people have both negative and positive attitudes r wid us...so there must be a control of people using it else they may be effected and there life may ruin.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Tamanna verma (09/28/15)
  • Its nt just killing mind its killing body itself al time siting and useing this grey app make us half handicap.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Dipanjali panda (09/24/15)
  • no whatsapp is nt killing minds . It's a very good interactive app. First of all it will b vry gd if d user take it in a gd way othrwiz it will vry bad. To get addicted of smthng is more dangerous so according to my view use whatsapp bt dnt b addicted towards it.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -raj kiran kapoor bharmoriya (09/20/15)
  • I don't think so that what's app is killing our mind according to me it's depend upon the person who are using the WhatsApp whether in good way or bad way ..what's app help us to share our happiness sorrow with our Frds in easy way...If u are far away from your family through what's app it's easy to contact with your family and Frds ...We can our felling thoughts pics and voice messages etc ....that's it
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -shivam tamrakar (09/16/15)
  • i think whatsup has both advantage and disadvantage and both depend on user itself. it will depend on user that make use for benifit or they spoil their time in spending whatsup all time.and according tp money point of view it als save lot of money ass the call rate increase day by day
  • RE: Whatsapp is not killing minds! -Mahendra kanwal Mk (09/16/15)
  • Everything has two sides in this world whatsapp also a technological app which is genreted by internet,if you used as a good and neccesry things it is too much wel for people,if u used as a addication for uneccesry things it's always approach a negetivenes to u
    so it's depend on who and how run it
    it's ol my point of view
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -mary (09/08/15)
  • Watsapp is easily to contact the colleges ,connect the differenrt country peoples thougths
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -suhasini (09/07/15)
  • really whatsapp killing our mind.
    we need it but it will must be use in good and proper manner.
    thank you for helping me
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Richa Puri (09/07/15)
  • Well, it entirely depends on the user whether he/she is properly balancing his social and personal life. According to my opinion Whatsapp is a very useful as it is helping friends and relatives to connect to each other who are residing in distant places. More over it has also been able to create business opportunities, as it has emerged as a tool for small businesses. Whatsapp allows the organization in providing them a platform for faster communication. Having witnessed this in my previous internship where the managers where discussing sales target on the company's official whatsapp group. Not only this it helps in providing customer support as business is all about serving your customers and how well and fast you can communicate to them. It also helps to promote the business, for example a company named bewakoof.com started promoting its business through whatsapp and has claimed that their sales have increased by 15%.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Delphin (09/01/15)
  • sssss its true.in my frent of mine my frnds only using the whatsapp n evey students should addict in the whatsapp chattingggg............
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -bhavya (08/17/15)
  • As its depend upon us how we use the app because now a days most of the information is shared on the watsapp and we can easly get any information.even we can create a group and post for jobs. so some people we wil use watsapp only for messinging for timepass and total day they use but no use..like that many students are additiced and blaming the app
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Sakhilal Manjhi (08/10/15)
  • you can't blame anything directly. as we know that every coin has two side i mean if there is some bad outcome with the development of technology than definitely there are some good results also. It's depends on user how he is using this .
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -abhishek jain (08/08/15)
  • as correctly said each coin has two sides ......whatsapp has made youngsters addicted to it but it serves many good purpose for us ......technology only comes with facility not with purpose ...it is the users who makes it constructive or destructive....
    accusing watsapp is not correct as per my opinion .....rather people should use it judiciously and to save time instead of wasting it
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Ankit Jhawar (08/08/15)
  • As per my view point whatsapp is very important messasing app for those who are not get addicted and working on over a line. All things in this word above its requirement, has called addiction and whatsapp is just like that if we use above our requirment than we are wasting our valuable time and after a time period we get more addicted which is kill our mind.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Sudeep Saxena (08/07/15)
  • To conclude the discussion, I would say that addiction of anything is bad. Same is with whatsapp, facebook and social network.Continuous messaging and chatting results in zero knowledge increase and wastage of time which could be used for a more constructive work by any person.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Madhumita Singh (08/07/15)
  • Whatsapp has created such a nuisance not only in youngsters but in elders too. Both ages of people use watsapp as their daily routine.Some use it for a bit of time while mostly watsapp is fascinated by a large amount of time.It is good, if used for a limited time but not if we are sticking to it.Whatsapp helps to interact with the friends or relatives whom we called rarely.We can use it for a helpful purpose but for entertainment purpose only is harmful.In whatsapp, the status shows everything.So there's no requirement to chat in useless matters.
    Youngsters can be updated through whatsapp only when their will be some useful messages to be exchanged.Social sites are developing day by day with a new technology itself to update everyone, so not give the social sites as a title of sin but can learn new things with a joy and avoid wasting so much time especially to those youngsters who want's to build up thier carrer path.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -ashit (08/07/15)
  • According to my opinion, whatsapp is communicating medium.if we are use positively than it becomes boon for us.If it become addiction than it bane for us.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -sonam (08/06/15)
  • like coin have 2 side so do whatsapp, d pros n cons of tis app is depend on d user.. if we use in positive way, tan we will definetly get benefited...its help to connect old frnds,relatives at instant.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Latha (05/17/15)
  • No,not at all but one thing,it is killing mind is entirely dependent on user.if he used whatsapp in the right way,then this app is so benifited to them.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Latha (05/17/15)
  • No,not at all but one thing,it is killing mind is entirely dependent on user.if he used whatsapp in the right way,then this app is so benifited to them.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Latha (05/17/15)
  • No,not at all but one thing,it is killing mind is entirely dependent on user.if he used whatsapp in the right way,then this app is so benifited to them.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Latha (05/17/15)
  • No,not at all but one thing,it is killing mind is entirely dependent on user.if he used whatsapp in the right way,then this app is so benifited to them.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Latha (05/17/15)
  • No,not at all but one thing,it is killing mind is entirely dependent on user.if he used whatsapp in the right way,then this app is so benifited to them.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Anamika gupta (05/11/15)
  • Yes definatly whats is killing mind. I am also a whatsapp adicated person . And i giveup this habit by disconnecting to me from the world. As ithas said that every coin has two side its you what you are choosing. If the person has ability and importance of time then that one will utilize the time as acheiving every second but if the person has no value then he will lost him. whatsapp is good for the sharing knowledge as good to known but bad as spending time on it is very wastage of time.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -itishree (05/11/15)
  • Jan Koum who is the founder of what's up have never imagined that his invention would be questioned in future.
    After all he developed this aap for the benefits of society with minimum service charge.. No matter where you are
    , this aap enables us to connect ti each other very easily not only thus it also providing the group chat facility that is most beneficial to discuss anything grouply.
    The article " what's up is killing minds" is applicable to only those who mis utilises this. It is up to the person how to use the aap properly or wrongly.

    Although this aap has many attractive features to keep our mind attached to it but it is the REAL attachment not REAL .
    .so better to make balance while using this aap rather to blame.
  • RE: Whatsapp is killing minds! -Nirosha (05/09/15)
  • Everything in this world depends on the way of perception of people to judge what is good and what is bad, to get best of anything we should not addict need to balance the medium of communication for good cause, because time is most valuable one if you once lost it can't get it back