School bags should be banned!

School bags should be banned!

The weight of school bags has become a random topic of debate these days. The Centre has proposed a set of guidelines so as to make the school bags lighter. These new proposed guidelines would be presented before the Central Advisory Board on Education for approval. The Centre also wants to implement the new concept of "class libraries" in order to inculcate reading habit among students. Instead of making school bags lighter, should school bags be banned completely?


- The children are becoming a target of back problems by the age of fourteen, and the latest reports are indicating an increase in cases of spinal abnormalities in children, including scoliosis.

- The school bags can easily be replaced by lockers in school where they can keep their text and reference books.

- In developed nations, school kids carry nothing but just two sheets for homework. All their belongings including notebooks and textbooks are kept in school lockers.

- School bags have become a costly affair for parents these days. With the growing tendency of show-off among students, school bags have turned into a matter of status symbol.

- It is the world of e-classroom and visual learning where there should be no place for school bags or books.


- It is impossible for all the schools to offer locker facilities in schools, especially when the classrooms are small in size. Introducing lockers would occupy more than half of classroom space.

- In this world of technology, already things have been made much easier and convenient for the students. Banning school bags will make them lazier and they will always seek a comfortable life.

- In order to solve the problem of back pain, the industry has introduced school trolley bags that need not to be carried on shoulders.

- Without school bags, the school life of children remains incomplete. For school going kids, their bag is their treasure box where they keep all their important things.

- In the present world, schools don’t have enough space to have playgrounds, where would they arrange the space for lockers from.

- School bags ban will shift the responsibility from children to school staff, which again is not justified.


There are several legislation and rules in place already. In fact the government has mandated that the school bags weight should not be above five kilograms. Breaching the rules, most of the schools require students to carry all the textbooks daily. All these practices should be stopped and the drafted rules should be followed seriously. It is the need of the hour as students are facing severe health problems due to overloaded bags. Lighter school bags are a better alternative over banning school bags completely.
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  • RE: School bags should be banned and plz give us tabs -Tanay Maithani (11/21/19)
  • Tushar Xavier D'cruze: There are no books in Australia and other countries
    There are Tabs for studying. India should do this too.
    Every Indian Ever: And that's a fact
  • RE: School bags should be banned! -Shruti S (01/23/18)
  • Banning school bags is not justifiable!

    As it is said school bags are treasure for the children. School bags is one of those things which has importance in the life of kids. Escaping from school bags will make the children lazier and irresponsible. Rather than banning the school bags, government should mandate the weight up to 5kgs.
  • RE: School bags should be banned! -ShiviAr (11/18/17)
  • School bags should not be banned per se. Instead of having notebooks for all the subjects, we can have just one or two notebooks for all the classes. Similarly, teachers should not ask the students to get all of their textbooks daily, only the mandatory ones should be taken daily. Also, with the advent of smart classes, there is little need for the textbooks to be carried to schools. Along with this, we need to educate the children regarding the physical problems they can have by carrying heavy schoolbags daily, e.g., mostly school students carry their bags on one shoulder leading to shoulder deformities, and they are completely unaware of these problems at that time. So, banning school bags is not going to solve the problem completely but there are high chances of it leading to newer problems like children becoming too much lazy to carry heavy loads etc.
  • RE: School bags should be banned! -Tushar Xavier D'cruze (11/12/17)
  • Yes it should be banned.
    As in Australia and other country
    There is no school bags.
    Tabs are there.
    India should also do this....
  • RE: School bags should be banned! -Roushan Kumar (08/21/15)
  • School bags shouldn't be banned. But the bags can be made lighters. The students only put the required book rather than putting complete book. It is the responsibility of the school administrator not to force student to carry all the books. The school bag doesn't contains only notebook but children also carry lunch box, water bottle, some import things. So it shouldn't banned...
  • RE: School bags should be banned! -Deepa Kaushik (08/21/15)
  • 'Ban on school bags' and 'ban on carrying school books regularly' are two different scenarios. School bags not only contain the school books, but also the required stationary, lunch, their drinking bottles etc. which make the school bag complete. But, it is understandable that the school books and note books comprise the bulk of the bag and weighs the most.

    Provision of lockers at schools is a very apt resolution to the health as well as burden concern for the school children. But we need to remember the tender age of the kids. On one hand they cannot carry the heavy load of the books, and on the other, these children are too youngto be take the complete single-headed responsibility of their belongings. It would be better if the teachers-in-charge could bear the responsibility of maintaining the lockers for the kids. There can be provision for lockers combinedly for the who class / section which could be handled by a single teacher-in-charge.

    Banning the school bags as a whole would not be very much justified. School bags not only act as the mean of carriage of books and requirements for the students, but it is also a measure of teaching children to be responsible for their belongings. It would justifiedto lighten the weight of bags by avoiding the loading and unloading ofbooks on regular basis. However, there should be school bag culture for the students to carry their stationary and edibles and other requirements for their education.