Rules are made to be broken - Group Discussion

We hear the word “rule” almost everywhere. Whether we are in office or at home, we are usually bound by rules. Ideally, we are supposed to follow rules. They keeps us on our toes and be a little disciplined


- There are some rules that sometimes unnecessarily waste time. For e.g. some rules in the airports or railway stations.

- Some rules that are laid down by our society create communal issues.

- Several rules bind you from doing something that may be right but, the law doesn’t allow you to.

- We have several policies and regulations that may cost us a lot. For e.g. Some life insurance policies, accident policies that are formulated for the company’s benefit and not the common man.


- Rules inculcate discipline. For e.g. Rules in school make the student disciplined.

- Some rules have a valid reason behind them. For e.g an ambulance that needs way.

- Rules create a sense of awareness. E.g. Policies and procedures of a company incase of fire.

- Rules help us distinguish between right and wrong.

- Some rules like laws give justice.

While it is an individual perspective of right and wrong, end of the day, we have to follow rules. If we don’t follow rules, we face the law. Becoming rebellious because you don’t want to follow a rule may not be the solution. Although when rules are formulated; we must remember that they shouldn’t be created to benefit some body or a community but, to the entire nation.
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  • RE: Rules are made to be broken - Group Discussion -vivek mandal (12/26/17)
  • Yeah definietly somewhere it helps people to rise high in life because somewhere people treted rule as a obstacle and it is not good for those who can acheive big in his life but due to these rules they can't do whatever they want to do.especially for girl n our country they have lots of talent but somewhere our culture or mean to say some sudo minded element are making so much noise for that the girl are only treated as a housewife only.