SWT / JFace Interview Questions and Answers - Freshers & Experienced

Explain SWT and JFace - Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT): SWT is an open source widget tool kit for developing rich, efficient and portable GUI applications..
Components offered by JFace - ImageRegistry: The mapping between symbolic image names and SWT image objects is maintained by the ImageRegistry class until the SWT image objects are needed..
Advantages offered by SWT/JFace - Advantages of SWT: Provides backend by providing native look with backend widgets by supporting Swing programming model..
Java Web Start technology - Java Web Start (JavaWS) technology is a framework which is used to allow the user to run java platform specific application software directly from the internet..
Steps used to deploy SWT/JFace-based application with Java Web Start - Some of the operating system specific libraries are to be loaded for SWT applications before they can execute..