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eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited is an Indian company that help companies in hiring employees for entry-level jobs and also help candidates who are seeking for jobs.
For that a candidate just have to enroll himself/herself in eLitmus through its website. Then you have to give a pH test. For this you have to first apply and take a date for that, by paying an amount.
Now coming to pH test.
In pH test, they ask those things, which nowadays every companies either private or government have been asked prior to give an offer to a candidate.
So if you score good in pH test, then you will get opportunity to be get hired in Multinational Companies.
Beside pH score, you also require a good career percentages and grades. Because every company who hire through eLitmus have some basic criteria for career percentages and grades.
By the way eLitmus will just provide you the opportunity, to get notice by a company. But its only up to you and the company, which responsible for you to get hired.

eLitmus Exam Pattern :

Elitmus exam is basically divided into three section and it’s an exam of 2 hours.

  • Verbal Ability (20 questions)
  • Problem Solving (20 questions)
  • Quantitative Ability (20 questions)

  • 1. Verbal Ability :
    In this section, you will find questions of Reading comprehension (RC)and Fill in the blanks and Paragraph jumbles(PJ). RC consists 12 questions, 3 RC sets and per set 4 questions. Fill in the blanks section tests your grammar (6 questions) and PJ consists 4-5 jumbled sentences (2 questions) which you have to rearrange.
    Strategy For Verbal Ability :-
    This is the easiest section of Elitmus. One should pick easy questions from RCs and try to more focus on grammar and PJs. 10 net correct (100 marks) will fetch you 90+ %ile and 12 net correct (120 marks) will fetch you 95+ %ile.
    2. Problem Solving :
    In this section, you will find questions of data sufficiency, Data interpretation, Logical Reasoning and Crypt arithmetic. Data sufficiency consists 4 questions, crypt arithmetic consists 4 questions and rest 12 questions could come in Data interpretation and Logical reasoning sets.
    Strategy For Problem Solving :-
    This is the trickiest section of Elitmus. "Accuracy is more important than attempts" here. Crypt arithmetic verbal arithmetic is time consuming set, it takes your 15-20 odd minutes,it requires lot of practice. If you're good at it then you should go for it else leave it. Data sufficiency are bit tricky but one can solve it with accuracy. One must try to pick easy questions from DI or LR portion. 4 net correct (40 marks) will fetch 85+ %ile and 6 net correct will fetch 95+ %ile for sure.
    3. Quantitative Ability :
    IIn this section you will find questions related to Geometry, Number system, Algebra, Permutation and Combination, Probability. This section is also bit tricky section.
    Strategy For Quantitative Ability :-
    Key point of this section is also Accuracy. only 6 net correct (60 marks) can fetch 90+ % ile easily.

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