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CoCubes is India’s largest assessment and hiring platform. It runs assessments to measure employability across all domains-from programming to plumbing.
CoCubes is the acronym for Connecting Colleges Companies and was founded by IIT Bombay graduates Harpreet and Vibhore in 2007.
CoCubes has access to more than a million candidates through their platform. They run 3 million+ assessments each year in 250+ cities.

Cocubes Exam Pattern :

Cocubes exam is basically divided into three section and it’s an exam of 2 hours.

  • Aptitude Module
  • Psychometric Module
  • Domain Module
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Coding Module
  • Written English Test
  • 1. Aptitude Module :
    Reading Comprehension ; Grammar including Articles , Prepositions, Sentence Correction, Speech, Tenses; Verbal Ability including Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms and Phrases.
    Visual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details and Flowcharts
    Concepts of Mathematics including Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Averages, Geometry and Data Interpretation
    2. Psychometric Module :
    Behavioral profiling based on commonly known personality traits.
    3. Domain Module :
    Civil :Building Materials, RCC Design, Theory of Design & Structures, Soil Mechanics & Foundation, Construction Scheduling, Water Resource Engineering / Hydrology, Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Engineering
    Eletrical :Electrical Machines, EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Control Systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Power System and Instrumentation, Micro-controller and Microprocessor
    Eletronics :Electronic Devices & EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics, Communication System, Control System
    Mechanical :Thermodynamics, Design of Machine Members, IC Engines and Compressors, Theory of Machine, Engineering Material / Meteorology, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Process
    Computer SCience :C, C++, OOPS Concepts, Data Structures, DBMS concepts, Operating System Concepts, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Networking Concepts, Computer Architecture
    4. Computer Fundamentals :
    Basics of C/C++/OOPS, Basics of Data Structures, Basics of Computer Architecture, Digital Logic, Networking Concepts, Common Applications such as MS Office and General Awareness about input/output devices.
    5. Coding Module :
    Writing codes to solve a set of problems in language of choice : C, C++, C#, Java
    6. Written English Test :
    Candidate has to write his/her views on simple topics of general awareness. English Grammar, Sentence Construction and Vocabulary is assessed along with relevance to topic and adherence to word limit. Example of a topic - Should schools have uniforms?

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