Java transaction services, JTS Interview Questions and Answers

What is JTS? - Among the enterprise distributed computing specifications, Java Transaction Service is one..
What is a distributed transaction? - The involvement two or more network hosts for operations bundle, is called distributed transaction...
Types of isolation levels that J2EE supports - TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED: A static final varibale / constant that specifies the non-repeatable reads, dirty reads and phantom reads occurances..
Types of concurrency issues - Dirty reads issue is as follows: First transaction is reading the uncommitted changes which are performed by a second transaction. ..
Categories of exceptions in EJB - Application Exception: This is one of the exceptions which was declared on the method signature..
Advantages of JTA over JTS - Java Transaction API provides simple and flexible environment for the developer. It offers high-level X / Open Call Level Interface and low-level XA Call Level Interface..
How JTS solves the problems encountered by distributed objects - The transactional semantics participation into object oriented components needs an extension of the Transaction Control Model..